MMSC Snowboarding

MMSC Snowboarding
Photo by Brian Jenkins

Thursday, March 22, 2012

MMSC snowboard year end celebration!

As all of you know nature has decided to bring an early spring in full force. With the past week in the 60's and 70's we have lost much of our snow. The mountain is looking like it's the end of April not March. However this weekend we will celebrate our season and roll into nationals with our energy at an all time high level.

Our weekend is packed full of events, starting with the end of the season celebration at the Huber's house on Friday at 6pm. There will be an amazing spread of food and a ton of fun for all. The coaching staff will recognize all of our MMSC snowboard team riders, as well as hand out a few special awards. This is a special chance to recognize our riders in our small private community setting.

We will also hold an auction for a few items to raise funds to cover the wax order for nationals and other unforeseen trip expenses.

Next on the schedule will be a scheduled 1/2 day of training for select athletes competing at nationals in slope style. We will have coach's on hill to prepare riders for nationals.

Also for all MMSC snowboarders there is the MMSC club championship dual GS race on Slalom hill. All MMSC snowboarders are encouraged to race in this fun event. Registration is from 7:30am-9pm at MMSC. There are awards for snowboarders in traditional age groups. For any rider competing at Nationals this is one more great chance to get some

There will a BBQ for all MMSC families at MMSC following the race.

Saturday night at The Stoweflake resort at 5:30 MMSC will hold it's end of the season banquet. All MMSC families are invited. I have adjusted our travel schedule in order to make sure I can speak at this event and recognize our snowboard program and our riders in this MMSC public community venue. Dinner starts at 6pm. Awards @ 6:30. If you are interested in attending please contact Ashley Sargent for more details.

Sunday there will not be training. Take the day relax and enjoy.

This has been an amazing season and we have received an incredible amount of support and help form many people. None of our success would be possible with out the dedication and support of the amazing parents that make up our program. I would like to thank you all for giving your child the chance to grow up in an amazing setting, in a great community, through such an incredible sport.

 I would like to thank a few of you who have made incredible donations both with your time and your resources.

1st a big thank you to Jeff Boliba! Jeff has spent an unmeasurable amount of time and effort helping me make this program what it is. His dedication to the sport of snowboarding and to our program at MMSC is unreal. Thanks for all you do Jeff.

Next Marjorie Fay and her Husband Jeff. Marjorie has spent countless hours compiling results and reporting them to the Stowe reporter as well as putting together a news letter for us on a regular basis. She has also spent her time fund raising for us through out the season.
Jeff has not only spent hours upon hours of time helping us build and design GMFC, but he has also spent weekends of his life driving a few athletes around the North East in order to get the training and competitions we needed for our riders.

An amazing thanks also goes out to Dan Keen and Lamoille Valley / Twin State Ford for sponsoring us this season with a brand new van. That van is the sole reason we were able to make any of our trips happen. We were able to get our riders the training they needed to have an amazingly successful season. Dan has also allowed us to drive the van to Copper on Sunday with our tuning gear and our riders boards saving us a ton of money in airfare and baggage fee's and insuring our boards and tuning gear gets to Colorado with out a problem.

Also a big thanks goes out to Bryan and Sandy Huber for the amazing party's they have put together for us in there wonderful home. Thanks to Bryan for all of his support on the medical side of our program as well.

Thanks to all who spent time on the PAC. Those many nights spent in conference calls were very helpful.

There are so many more I would like to thank however there is only so much time. So thank you all once again from myself and the entire coaching staff.

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