MMSC Snowboarding

MMSC Snowboarding
Photo by Brian Jenkins

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MMSC Snowboarding Program Philosophy and Goals

MMSC Snowboarding is a complete snowboard education program that
offers coaching for all levels of snowboard competition from first time
competitors to academy level Olympic hopeful athletes. This program
is focused on fun, learning and progression, while coaching the
whole athlete.
Our programs are gauged for kids of all ages from 6yrs through post
high school grads. We compete and practice in all events in the
competitive snowboard world including, Halfpipe, SlopeStyle, Rail
Jams, Boarder X, GS, and SL.
Our goal is to give our riders every opportunity to reach their full
potential, while having as much fun snowboarding as possible.
• Have Fun!!!! Athletes who have fun and love what they do are going to progress
faster and to a higher level then those who do not. What we experience on the
mountain at all ages stays with us in all we do throughout life.
• We want every rider to set goals and continue to adjust them throughout the
season. Our coaches will provide all the tools necessary for each rider to reach
there full potential.
• Every one of our riders should take with them the love of snowboarding and the
self-confidence and responsibility that they gain from riding with MMSC
• Skills!!!!!!! Our mission as a program is to give each rider the skills they need to
be the best rider they can be. We want all riders to train in and learn the skills of
Halfpipe, Slopestyle, freeriding and racing. By developing a solid all around set
of skills, riders will have the tools they need to pursue excellence in whatever
direction they choose to, and have a ton of fun doing it.
“MMSC is driven to become the best snowboard program
anywhere, while having as much fun as possible!!!!!!”

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Open House at the MMSC club house on spruce peak.

The season is fast approaching and the preparations are being put in place to kick this season off in grand fashion. This coming Saturday we will start things off with our Open House at the MMSC club house on spruce peak. At 9am our amazing coaching staff will guide a hike on spruce peak. This event will be a great chance to introduce friends who may be interested in our snowboard programs. Remember that our community is only as great as the people involved in it. You have the chance to make this MMSC snowboard community the best around. So tell your friends and family about what we are building here at MMSC and lets get more rippers involved in our community. Around 11am we will introduce the coaching staff and allow you to get to know them a bit more. We will hold our first team meeting shortly after and discuss the season ahead. We will follow our meeting with the handing out of this years team gear to all registered riders. There is also a club wide BBQ to follow.

In addition to our open house we have our pre-season training happening this week. Tonight we have training from 7pm-8:30pm at GMFC. Sunday from 4:30-6 we will continue with our training at GMFC come on out and begin to prepare for the season with the rest on the team. Spots are still available for these sessions and the pricing will be as follows. Once a week for 8 weeks will be $120. Twice a week for 8 weeks will be $240.  Any 4 sessions for $100. Single day rates of $30. To register please print and fill out the forms below. All checks made payable to Scott Adam.

Last but not least our preseason trip to Copper Nov. 25th through Dec. 3rd is still on the table. As of now one person is committed to this trip. We need to make a decision on this trip asap. Please contact me if you have interest in sending you rider to get some early season training at the site of the USASA nationals and Woodward at Copper. We will be making a final decision on this trip by Friday.

I am very exited to see you all this weekend.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10/16 weekly update.

The temps have dropped and there has been some snow atop of Mt. Mansfield. The Lifts began turning last week at Killington and Stowe tested it new snow guns this past Saturday. We are getting close to snow season.

This week there are a few events on the schedule.

1st. Tonight we will continue with our preseason training at Green Mountain Freestyle Center from 7-8:30pm.
Our preseason training program will lead us right up to the start of the competition season. Everyone will have the option to train at GMFC with our MMSC coaching staff once or twice a week. Our MMSC sessions will be held Tuesdays from 7pm-8:30pm and on Sunday's 4:30pm-6pm. We will offer an 8 week session with a bonus 9th week for make ups. The pricing will be as follows. Once a week for 8 weeks will be $120. Twice a week for 8 weeks will be $240.  Any 4 sessions for $100. Single day rates of $30. To register please print and fill out the forms below. All checks made payable to Scott Adam.

2nd. On Thursday at Green Mountain Freestyle Center we will hold a free session during the day from 1pm to 3pm. Vermont Public Television will finishingthe filming they started last February at the NVT USASA Halfpipe competition at Killington and during a training day at Stowe. The crew captured a ton of on-snow footage as the MMSC riders took their runs and interacted with the coaches afterwards. They did interviews with several of our competitors and filmed the awards ceremony. It will all be edited, put together and aired in the near future. MMSC riders who are available to participate in the 1:00 pm filming are encouraged to attend. Please contact me to confirm that you’ll be there.

3rd. Our weekly pre season hike will be canceled this Saturday. However everyone is encouraged to come out and see the Invite only rail jam at the Alpine Shop in Burlington from 1pm-7pm . Some of the MMSC coaching staff will be there at the GMFC booth with a mini tramp set up. This event is sure to be a lot of fun. There is also a movie premier after at Higher Ground. Come on out and watch some of the top skiers and riders in the area battle it out for cash and prizes.

And of coarse don't forget our open house Sat, Oct 27 - MMSC Open House - Bring your a friends or neighbors who might like more information about MMSC  Have them come to the Open House and talk to the coaching staff to find out what our snowboarding programs have to offer.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

USASA NVT Schedule is now official

DEC!! ! ! ! ! !
22 Rail Jam @ Sugarbush (1) ! ! !
30 GS @ Smugglers Notch (1 & 2)
5 Rail Jam @ Sugarbush (2)
6 Slalom @ Stowe (1 & 2)
12 Rail Jam @ Jay Peak (3)
13 Slopestyle @ Stowe (1)
19/20/21...MLK WEEKEND
25 USASA Regional Golden Ticket @ Loon
26 USASA Regional Golden Ticket @ Loon
27 Pipe @ Stowe (1)
2 BX/SkierX @ Smugglers Notch (1)
3 BX/SkierX @ Smugglers Notch (2)
9 BX/SkierX @ Jay Peak (3)
10 Slalom (3) and GS (3) @ Stowe
23 Slopestyle @ Sugarbush (2)
24 Pipe @ Stowe (2 + 3)
9 Molly Rail Jam (4) @ Smugglers Notch
10 Slopestyle @ Smugglers Notch (3) and End of Season Party