MMSC Snowboarding

MMSC Snowboarding
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Monday, January 9, 2012

"Sugarloaf, ME" BX training

First I would like to thank the Huber's for a wonderful party on Saturday. It was great to spend time with everyone in a wonderful setting. I hope for many more gathering like that in the future for our snowboard family.

As of now we are waiting on the official word if this weekends BX will be held. Due to the temps and unseasonable weather Sugarloaf has not been able to complete the BX coarse as of now.
More info will be posted tomorrow.

However, I am still going ahead with planing for this event. I am currently working on the final details for our camp. It is possible that we may be getting a van for next weekend. If not, the two possibilities will be renting a van or car pooling with some volunteer drivers. either way we are prepared to make the proper arrangements. For anyone that needs lodging, a very affordable house has been found near the venue. There should be room for everyone although some may need to sleep in sleeping bags, beds will not be available for all..

 As of now the plan is to leave in the evening on Thursday the 12th. We will train BX Friday the 13th, compete in the USASA BX Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th and return on Sunday after the event.

In order for me to correctly gage the costs for lodging and transportation please contact me with the following info if your rider is planning on attending this event.

Will you be needing transportation?

Will a parent be traveling with the rider?

Do you need lodging or will you be getting your own?

If you will be driving to the event, do you have room in your vehicle to help transport riders?

Also contact me if your schedule will be different then the planned schedule above.
I would like to arrange a carpool situation for any rider who will be competing in Friday nights rail jam at Stowe and would also like to attend the Saturday and Sunday events at Sugarloaf. If anyone will be able to help with this please let me know.

For riders who will need transportation and lodging, Thursday and Sunday ( travel days ), we will need to make sure each rider has money for food while on the road. We will build in the coast of food for Friday and Saturday Breakfast and Dinner and Sunday breakfast into the cost of the lodging. Coaches and volunteer parents will cook breakfast and dinner. All riders should be sent with money for lunch for the three days on snow at Sugarloaf.

Depending on the number of kids and parents who will need lodging, I believe we can keep the total costs for the weekend below $300 each.

Here are the base numbers I am looking at based on us getting a Van or carpooling.

The ticket price and event price I have been given is not official but, it looks like each day will be $45.

Coaches cost per rider for to cover two coaches food, lodging, potential training tickets, and any other unforeseen costs will be $75.

Lodging, food and transportation per rider based on 8 riders $75

I am working to make this trip as affordable as possible. Please contact me with any additional ideas.

  • MUST register for Saturday's Race to register for Friday Training Day
  • Venue: Sidewinder 
  • Registration: 8:00-2:00
  • Open Practice: 10:00-2:00
  • Event Cost: $10.00 / Training Day Lif Ticket available for $33.00

  • These are two separate races - one on 1/14 & one on 1/15...
  • Venue: Sidewinder
  • Registration: 7:30-8:30 in Comp Center *BE THERE AT 7:30!*
  • Course Inspection:
  • Practice:
  • Riders Meeting:
  • Time Trials (one run seeding format / no cuts):
  •  Racing:
  • Awards & Prize Raffle: One Hour after completion of event
  • Event Cost: $35.00 per race , $45.00 includes competitor lift ticket
  • Discounted Parent Tickets available

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