MMSC Snowboarding

MMSC Snowboarding
Photo by Brian Jenkins

Sunday, February 26, 2012

USASA NVT Halfpipes at Killington 2/27 & 2/28

I hope you all got out and enjoyed all of the fresh pow out there the last few days. I never thought it would come this season, it's been amazing surprise. I hope it continues for the rest of the month.

As you all know the next few days our Northern Vt. USASA series will hold it's Halfpipe events at Killington. There will be a van leaving from Shaw's in Waterbury at 5:30am. Everyone needs to meet at Shaw's the van will not be leaving from Stowe. Space in the van is limited so please contact me if you will be needing transportation to Killington. Also all riders attending Killington's pipe events will need to bring $20 to cover coaches expenses while at Killington. All folks riding in the van please bring $20 for Gas as well.

Our house in Killington has bedding for 12 plus plenty of floor space. We still have space in the house and all are welcome. We got a hot tub!

Here is the link to our house.

The cost for the house will be $55 per person, per night.

The house is booked from Sunday night till Wed. morning.

The Address is: 217 Off McClallen Drive,Killington,VT 05751

Dinner for Monday night has been covered. We still have Tuesday's dinner to fill. If anyone  would like to volunteer to cover dinner on Tuesday please email me.

Wednesday we will stay at Killington to ride pipe and film for a special spot on VPT. Our Lift tickets will be $39.

The Van will return to Stowe on Wednesday afternoon.

See you all soon.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

SAT FEB 25th Slopestyle POSTPONED!!!

SAT FEB 25th Slopestyle POSTPONED!!!
Due to extreme weather conditions on the mountain we are postponing for Sat, but look to tuck a "one run and done" slopestyle event in before the Molly Jam on Friday March 2nd.

Stay tuned for confirmation.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weekly update for 2/10-2/12

 This past weekend was a very successful weekend for MMSC with lots of great results both Saturday in Halfpipe at Loon Mt, NH. and at Stowe for GS. Our MMSC riders continue to make us proud on many levels.

This week is again a very busy one.

Saturday we will send a crew of riders to Loon New Hampshire for a Half Pipe contest. We will leave from Mac's Market in Stowe @ 5:15, Shaws parking lot in Waterbury @ 5:30. This trip will be a down and back trip the only cost for this trip will be gas. I am estimating the cost will be between $15 and $20 a rider depending on the #.

Remember all riders must register online for the New Hampshire series HP. To register please go to From there click on the shaded box to the right of the chosen event;  If you will not be attending with your child please contact so she can email the waiver to you.

After the contest which should be over by noon. We will stay and train for Sunday's slope style and then return @ 3:30. This will be a great opportunity to get a half pipe result in the books before our NVT HP's in Killington. The New Hampshire series is a great series to continue to work on developing our half pipe skills and to get experience in a competition setting. This series is a small series, the events run quickly. Please email me asap if you are interested in heading to loon on Saturday.

After further review and doing an analyzation of this Saturdays forecast we will change plans and offer slope training on Friday instead of Saturday at Sugarbush. Saturday is forecasted to be very cold and windy which does not make for good slope style training weather.

I am still currently working on discounted passes for Sugarbush. I hope to have more solid information for you all tomorrow.

Nick "Sev" Pintauro will meet everyone in the Mt. Ellen base lodge at 9:45am. Our full day crew will ride till 12:00 and break for lunch from 12:00 till 12:45. Any rider who can not make the morning but would like to meet up for the afternoon should be there by 12:45. After our lunch break we will ride the Mt Ellen park till 3:30.

Please email me if you plan to ride Sugarbush on Friday. Also include if you will ride full day or just Afternoon.

Sunday we will have our first USASA NVT slope style at Sugarbush. Registration will be on the third floor in Mt. Ellen Base Lodge from 8-9am.

Last this Sunday we will have coaches available at Stowe for any rider not competing in Slopestyle. Please email me if your rider will not be competing in Slopestyle at Sugarbush but will be training at Stowe on Sunday. In order to Staff correctly for Sunday I will need to know asap.

Friday, February 3, 2012



SO PUMPED to bring you this info!!!! We will be traveling as a series south to Killington and running two definite and possibly three pipe events in the Dew Tour/Free Flow Tour 22ft competition pipe. Sunday Feb 26th will be an NVT practice day with a reduced $35 ticket for NVT competitors. Pipe #1 will happen on Monday Feb 27th and Pipe #2 (and possibly #3, given numbers) on Tuesday Feb 28th.  We will be traveling with our own judges and most likely need volunteers for staffing, and I will have more details on lodging and such in the coming week, but wanted to get this info out to you immediately!


Stay tuned to more info. Including a potential extension of our trip to include an extra day of training. Details on this will come in the near future. I would love to look into a MMSC house for the trip. If anyone has contacts and would like to begin looking at a house that would hold our team and families please do so and keep me in the loop.

Weekly update for 2/3-2/5.

This past weekend was very successful and productive. 9 riders took the trip to Mt Snow to train in the 18' half pipe. 3 of those riders stayed and trained in the HP for an extra day. Lots of progress was made by all, it was a great opportunity to ride a perfect 18'er with sunshine and soft wall's. On Sunday the majority of of team competed in Sl/GS at our first events at Stowe this season. Many riders found success and everyone had a blast.

Looking ahead to this coming weekend. We once again will take to the road and travel to get some pipe time on Friday at Loon Mt., NH. before our first HP competition of the season on Saturday. This event will be our first chance to get a HP result to have a chance to qualify for USASA Nationals in pipe. Unless USASA NVT arranges to have it's HP events outside of NVT, hitting the road and competing for national ranking spots maybe our only way to qualify for HP for Nationals this season. Loon will be a great way to get an early season result in the books. With there only being one open public half pipe at this time on the east coast the playing field should be level. No one on the east coast outside of Southern VT. has had a chance to compete or train in HP. So this will be a great chance to gauge the natural ability of our riders against others on the east. I encourage all who have interest of competing in half pipe and USASA nationals to make this trip. The details are still being worked out, I should have more info to you as soon as I have it. If you have any connections in the Loon area for lodging please let me know. All registration must be done online. To register please go to From there click on the shaded box to the right of the chosen event;  If you will not be attending with your child  please contact so she can email the waiver to you.

Our plan is once again to take a crew down in the Van early Friday morning ride HP all day, stay that night in Loon. We will compete on Saturday then return with the majority of the riders to race on Sunday at Stowe. We will potentially offer an additional day of HP training at Loon, once again on Sunday for any rider who will not be racing at Stowe.

Please email me asap to let me know if your rider will be making this trip. Also please let me know if your rider will need transportation and lodging. If you will be making the trip with us please let me know if you will have room for others that may need transportation.

On Sunday we will once again host a GS/SL at Stowe on Exhibition hill. registration will once agin be held at Midway lodge from 8-9am. I would love to see all of our riders there once again.

Looking even further ahead.

Wed. Feb 8th 12:30-3:30 we will offer a half day training for all riders who have early dismissal. We will meet in the Den at Mansfield base lodge.

Saturday Feb 11th once again we will head to Loon for HP #2. We will have more details on this trip in the days to come.

Wed. Feb. 22nd we will offer a trip to North Creek Ski Bowl for the USASA Adirondack series Boarder Cross X's2 event for anyone who need additional starts in BX to qualify for nationals. This USASA event will be a double event. Please email me if you would like to attend this BX. Anyone who missed one of our BX's at Smuggs should plan to attend this event.